the unity of all

…overcome now by rapture, now by terror, at he mysteries which are opening before me. All round me walls are crumbling, and horizons infinitely remote and incredibly beautiful stand revealed. It is as though threads, previously unknown and unsuspected, begin to reach out and bind things together. For the first time in my life my world emerges from chaos. Everything becomes connected, forming an orderly and harmonious whole. I understand, I link together, a series of phenomena which were disconnected and appeared to have nothing in common. …
I am reading the chapter on levers. And all at once a multitude of simple things, which I knew as independent and having nothing in common, become connected and united into a great whole. A stick pushed under a stone, a penknife, a shovel, a see-saw, all these things are one and the same, they are all “levers.” In this idea there is something both terrifying and alluring. … It it as thought I already feel the unity of all and am overcome with awe at the sensation.

Ouspensky, P. D. A New Model of the Universe

as a positive force

I am proposing the feminization of society; the use of feminine nature as a positive force to change the world. We can change ourselves with feminine intelligence and awareness, into a basically organic, noncompetitive society that is based on love, rather than reasoning. The result will be a society of balance, peace and contentment. We can evolve rather than revolt, come together, rather than claim independence, and feel rather than think. These are characteristics that are considered feminine; characteristics that men despise in women. But have men really done so well by avoiding the development of these characteristics within themselves?

Already, as I catch a glimpse of the new world, I see feminine wisdom working as a positive force. I refer to the feminine wisdom and awareness which is based on reality, intuition and empirical thinking, rather than logistics and ideologies. The entire youth generation, their idiom and their dreams, are headed in a feminine direction. A more advanced field of communication, such as telepathy, is also a phenomenon which can only be developed in a highly feminine climate. The problem is that feminine tendency in the society has never been given a chance to blossom, whereas masculine tendency overwhelms it.

It’s good to start now, since it’s never too late to start from the start.

Ono, Yoko. “The Femininization of Society.” Sundance Magazine, May 1972.

shine, as it were, like stars

The archive is first the law of what can be said, the system that governs the appearance of statements as unique events. But the archive is also that which determines that all these things said do not accumulate endlessly in an amorphous mass, nor are they inscribed in an unbroken linearity, nor do they disappear at the mercy of chance external accidents; but they are grouped together in distinct figures, composed together in accordance with multiple relations, maintained or blurred in accordance with specific regularities; that which determines that they do not withdraw at the same pace in time, but shine, as it were, like stars, some that seem close to us shining brightly from far off, while others that are in fact close to us are already growing pale.

Foucault, Michel. Archaeology of Knowledge. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, UK: Routledge Classics, 2002. 145.

Don’t Learn No Better

‎[George] Clinton reduces his point to a saying from Sly Stone. “Sly say: ‘Hey, man, don’t learn no better.’ I say: ‘What you mean?’ He say: ‘If you knew better you wouldn’t do that!’…if you knew better you wouldn’t make those nice mistakes.

Corbett, John. Extended Play: Sounding Off From John Cage to Dr. Funkenstein. London: Duke University Press, 1994. 145.

knowing is itself a forgetting

…knowing is itself a forgetting. Forgetting the other sides of structures for instance, forgetting to surprise ourselves into entertaining the currently inconceivable;

Joan Retallack “UNCAGED Words: John Cage in Dialogue With Chance.”
Retallack, Joan. The Poethical Wager. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004. 227.

an hollow bone

domesticated kilohertz, an hollow-bone. electro low -focus with as as. as aqueous as pigeon identified.

Andrew Topel FB status post.
The Mine King, 2010.