Something is leaning against the wall. Something is on a horizontal surface that is white. Something is on the floor. Something is crumpled, used, or could be described as abject. Something else is refined. Something is bound. Something is touching something else. Something is made of a commonplace construction material. Something is grey. Something resembles flesh. Something has been photographed. That photograph will be described as found. An enigmatic statement is made and a title given that totalizes these things but in a way that is positioned somewhere above and to the left of them. It is all probably more personal than the artist will ever let on, or more cynical, depending. The less said the better. Either way many of these things look a lot like other things that will be found in a similar situation. Something was written in the enigmatic statement that suggested obliquely that if one were to read something else, insight into these things would be forthcoming. This is the thing that differentiates these things from the other things found in a similar situation. Sometimes. This is how the things become other than the things they are. They become, let's say, aspects. It's strategic. You want to tell and not tell. Or tell, but not too much. Suggest. I understand. Can we agree, though, that holding hands is real and no amount of abstraction is going to make it any better or more meaningful than it really is? Sometimes I think these things are almost that beautiful. Sometimes I'm grateful to you for making me think about something differently. Sometimes I really don't want to talk about it.