Language To Be Looked At, including a Poem Ending in “The”

"Language To Be Looked At, including a Poem Ending in 'The' for four voices plus one including The Old Man, The Worrier, The Forgetful Fish, and The Future Unintelligible"
The Feldman Gallery and Project Space at Pacific Northwest College of Art

Chaucer ("And out of olde bokes, in good feith"), esp. The Clerk's Tale
Jorge Luis Borges' "Library of Babel" (overseen by his Book of Sand)
Joan Retallack on reading
Blaise Cendrars (on an Aztec scroll)
Robert Smithson (obvs)
Heidegger's On the Way to Language in which he proposes the word "saying" as an alternative to the word "language": "The word, 'Saying.' It means: saying and what is said in it and what is to be said."
Morris Berman's Twilight Of American Culture; the sections on medieval cultural forgetting and preservation

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